An Initiative of the City of Akron

Ravizza w Anthony

Current client companies at the Accelerator:

3D Bioactives
Manufactures biomaterials for 3D medical printing in orthopedic and reconstructive surgery fields.

3D Urologic
Designer of an artificial bladder medical device.

7signal Solutions, Inc.
WiFi network optimization and performance monitoring systems for mission critical networks in hospitals, universities and other enterprises.

Aha! Innovations
Educational technology designed to create student ownership in learning through classroom engagement.

Akron Ascent Innovations
Developers and manufacturers of adhesive made from natural and synthetic fibers.

Aligned Nanotech, LLC
Manufacturing and commercialization of high-performance, thermally and electrically conductive adhesives for industrial and electronics applications.

Amicus Group
Case management, document management and business intelligence software for courts, justice agencies, and court vendors.

Developing low cost, environmentally friendly coating materials for corrosion prevention

Manufactures after-market tail lights and accessories for motorcycles.

Data Command
Helps companies control and monitor operations online or with a mobile device.

Design Flux Technologies
Complex energy storage and management that significantly lowers costs, enhances safety and minimizes maintenance.

Software developer of sales and marketing automation technology.

Fontus Blue
Decision support software that aids in the monitoring and cost-effective treatment of drinking water.

GrayHouse Media
Brand-focused integrated marketing solutions.
Provide real-time, up-to-date consumer data and information sharing to protect businesses from dealing with customers who have a history of not paying their bills.

A babysitting exchange app.

LifeSaving Medical Solutions
Produces tracheoscopic ventilation tubes with a built-in micro camera to monitor intubated patients. The devices are used for airway management in cardiothorasic and emergency surgery.

Produces aluminum structural accessories for automation, production, furniture and renewable energy.

Nervive, LLC
Creator of VitalFlow Stimulator, a medical device at the forefront of treatment for stroke patients.

Developed technology to identify patients with a high hospital readmission risk, recommend appropriate patient interventions, and track patient progress.

Developed OXAID, An oxygenating, moist, antimicrobial wound dressing.

Creates three-dimensional polymer models of cancer tumors than can be used to test potential cancer drugs.

Produces all-natural, zero chemical skin care.

Molecular detection and quantification of biotoxin producing genes.

Provide IT solutions to public and private sector partners.

R Squared Telecom
Provides VoIP services to businesses and non-profits specializing in high-volume, low-duration calls, and develops application-specific software to meet client needs.


Manufactures small bagging machines for companies primarily in the automotive, health care, and food and beverage industries.

Revenue Conduit
Automated marketing that converts visitors into leads and customers.

Rubber City Fab
Industrial design and fabricated furniture, lighting and metalwork.

Produce high quality, functional emergency preparedness products and services including cases, kits, training programs and systems.

SLICE Manufacturing Studios
Additive manufacturing of orthopedic implants.

Sonner Technology
Designs and manufactures dosing & blending equipment for the plastic, fiber, food and chemical industries.

SOS Integration
Provides distribution services to the water and wastewater treatment industries.

Provides pediatric OTs, PTs and parents with online gaming tools that help children practice and develop motor, cognitive and communication skills.

An open-source hardware company specializing in designing and manufacturing very small (tiny) electronics. 

Triple Beam Technologies
Developing a roadside testing sensor for measuring THC levels in the body.

Vadxx Energy
Captures materials from recyclable and non-recyclable plastic products and returns them to a useful form.

Vigeo Gardens
Growers of micro greens, wheatgrass and hydroponic vegetables.