An Initiative of the City of Akron

Current client companies of The Bit Factory:

Aha! Innovations
Educational technology designed to create student ownership in learning through classroom engagement.

Alpha Outpost
A monthly subscription box company for men that provides the tools and training to handle any situation.

Building a connectivitity tool for college students

Community Sync
An app that connects residents and local government and community organizations with news and events.

AI-assisted hiring software for HR directors and recruiters to use to judge culture fit. 

Provides API framework for developers to incorporate deep analytics into their game and applications built in virtual reality.

A fast-food marketing app that uses geo-fencing to offer free food to people who take surveys from restaurants.

An app that helps parents connect with other parents, neighbors and family to exchange free baby-sitting duties with people they know and trust.  

Revenue Conduit
Automated marketing that converts visitors into leads and customers.

A financial technology platform for digital currency.

Skinny Table
An app that helps users with weight management and overall health and wellness by providing healthy menu choices from some of today’s finest restaurants. 

Tag N’ Brag
Outdoors-focused social network for hunters and fishermen to share experiences. 

TPA Stream
Web-based software that automates manual processes in the health insurance claims industry. 

Online fitness platform for coaches, personal trainers and athletes to share quality nutrition information and coaching.